Introducing H.M.R.
Hybrid Mobility Robot

Operate in confined spaces

Safely navigate confined and complex spaces without the fear of crashing.

Drive to save energy

Operate over 5X longer by rolling on the ground to conserve energy.

Fly to avoid obstacles

Boldly go where no robot has gone before with pure omnidirectional mobility.

Key Product Highlights
Hybrid mobility
Switch between rolling & flying to capture data where other systems cannot travel.
Durable Exoskeleton
Explore confined and complex spaces without the fear of a mission-ending collision.
Customizable Payload
Interchangeable cameras and sensors to meet the needs of inspection crews, security services, first responders, and more.
Autonomous Operation
Monitor assets and environments with minimal supervision using our intuitive mission planning algorithms.
GPS-Denied Navigation
A mix of LED lighting, stabilization sensors, and a robust transmission system enable inspections beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS).
Multi-Robot Capabilities
Maintain continuous situational awareness on large sites with a swarm of robots all working together.



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