Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Provide uninterrupted, full-time area surveillance. Safely assess and monitor threats indoors and through complex environments.

Search & Rescue (SAR)

Rapidly locate survivors in collapsed buildings, forests, caves, and remote locations with live video streaming and two-way communications.

Payload Delivery

Conduct a range of missions with multiple hot-swappable payloads, including options for explosive payload delivery.


Safely identify subsurface threats in known danger zones without endangering human lives.

Homeland Security

Multiply forces of border security personnel with a full-time, go-anywhere surveillance system.


Automate routine inspections for critical infrastructure, vehicles, and airfield FOD with powerfully-accurate AI image recognition.

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Security Applications

See how versatile our autonomous hybrid drone systems really are, and how they are changing the face of security for the future.