Key Product Highlights
Hybrid mobility
Switch between rolling & flying to capture data where traditional methods cannot travel.
Versatile Accessibility
Explore confined and complex spaces without the fear of collision thanks to our durable design.
10x Operating Time
Greatly increase the data captured per mission by rolling to conserve energy.
GPS-Free Inspection
A mix of LED lighting, stabilization sensors, and a robust transmission system enable inspections beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS).
Risk Reduction
Reduce the need to send workers into hazardous areas or dangerous situations with remote visual inspections.
Autonomous Operation
Monitor assets and environments with minimal supervision using our intuitive mission planning algorithms.


Enable remote field scouting underneath canopies to detect pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies before significant damage is done. Doubles as a noise machine to scare away critters.

Industrial Inspection

Reduce the need to send workers into confined and/or dangerous areas. Perform inspections in a fraction of the time to reduce downtime and mitigate labor and insurance costs.

Public Safety

Increase worker safety and situational awareness while reducing response time. Perform remote area surveillance, get eyes inside buildings, and locate smoke and fires from a distance.

Modular Design

Maintenance and repairs can be done on-site in less time thanks to SPHEAR’s simple pop-out and pop-in design.

Reach out to our dedicated support team to assist at any time no matter where you are.

Introducing SPHEAR

The Spherical Hybrid Energy-Efficient Autonomous Robot. Switch between rolling and flying to maximize operating time and gather data where never before possible.

Do everything a drone can do - for 10x longer and without the fear of crashing.

Customizable Payload

Interchangeable cameras and sensors to meet the needs of inspection crews, farmers, first responders, and more.

SPHEAR can be equipped with 4k Color, Thermal, Infrared, Multi/Hyperspectral, and LiDAR.

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